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Fireworks displays on Green Island, off the Corniche, cultural programmes and the dressing of the city in coloured lights.

"It's convenient, there is full anonymity, and there is no need to register. views the application as "a good and important solution for the gay community, where the rate of sexual activity is much higher than it is in the general public.This country-wide celebration includes public meetings, a firework display and people getting together to eat, drink, sing and dance, and generally celebrate their national identity.Traditional dress is usually worn for the occasion.But he also takes a peek at the available men during boring meetings, the way others might check their e-mail or surf through Facebook. A friendly game to pass the time while doing something else," he said."People of any age and from any background use it, even those in senior management positions." Great for Muslims Most Grindr and Atraf users live in the center of the country, but location-based software is actually more efficient for residents of the periphery.

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